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Stickers Hook up Stickers! NSFW!! new stock June 14

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Thought I would "HOOK UP" some of you with some Hook-ups stickers.
I will ship any 1 of the stickers shown for $5, in an envelope of bmxmuseum stickers.
Not trying to offend and Children, these are like the stickers I used to run on my bikes, instead of the factory ones.
Most will fit seat tube, or could be trimmed for head tube etc. I know some of you may not have access to skate shops.
PLease describe the ones you want..

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Dibs Powell Peralta decal.  PAID.  Thank you.

Wow, that was fast, Powell on the way. I can get more, dont worry..GAry

Powell decal on clear?

Nurse, Alice, Girl Scout, Gundam, Angel and Blood Spatter. PM sent for total together.

Sorry, didn't even check this, was wondering if you would answer. Really would like to have that Nurse one, Can I call dibs and you just let me know when you get the nurse? I'll shoot you the money now. Thanks. big_smile

Cool, payment sent for them. Thanks GAry. smile

Hey Gary, I had emailed you and said I would take two nurses. I sent payment on 6/23. Not sure if you saw or got the email. Thanks smile

Where is the Slime Balls shirt for sale? Gary what up.

Slime ball shirt was a size small, and I returned it..

i want alice


Nurse on dummy... Paid and thx for the hook up!