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05 FMF Pro XL W/BB Reduced Price!!

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05 FMF Pro XL frame 21.25" tt and b.b.
Heres the description from the person I picked it up from here!
"Used for two years by a novice dad and sometimes loaned out to novice kids. VERY VERY LIGHT 7001 ALUMINUM.  Im calling this lite and I race Crupi now w/bomshell now so trust me I know what light is and this lite." Frame and bb only forks are sold. Please ask any questions, Ill answer them asap!! Please pm me with your PP addy after purchase and you will be sent a detailed invoice for convenience. Thanks!

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what kinda forks are those?

Bombshells... Sold a few weeks ago.

This is a sweet frame!  I am interested, but need to get a bit more cash.  How is the BB?  Is it smooth, or rough? What kind of BB is it?