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Haro Sr24 Group 1 Reduced price -

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For sale is a Haro Group 1 SR24 U.S. shipped for $275. Or if theres enough interest Ill part if the f/f are called. 22" tt, around 19lbs and never raced but the front rim was replaced, 7005 aluminum frame. It will come with stock seat not the old person seat on it. Its in great shape no dents or cracks! Please ask any questions, Ill answer them asap!! PP is Thanks!! Reduced 1 last time to try to move it!

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was the front rim replaced with the same brand, color, etc?

Same color but it is a Alex rim in the front, Sun in the back.

I saw one of these at Ray's a month ago and talking to the guy , he paid a lot more for the same bike . Amazing Deal , wish I had the $$$ . GLWS . :cool:

Well.... soon to be parted I guess.