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Robinson Stamped layback seatpost- lower than low

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What we have here is a Robinson stamped (lightly), cromo, layback seatpost, that has been cut down. Got it in a box of parts just the way it is pictured. As the photo shows it is about 10 and 1/4" tall. You can also see where the upper end has been 'profiled' to fit something. It is a bit out of round at the top as well.

I have no idea what it is worth, but if you want a Robinson seat post and don't want to run your seat in the nose bleed position, and don't want to spend twice as much, maybe this is the post for you!

Price lowered again $15 OBO. Paypal prefered. Free shipping in the USA. (Trades for flatland goodies.)

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Will work 4 byke parts.
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Dibs if you'll ship to South Africa

Someone has been PMing me about it prior to reading this, if that doesn't work out I will let you

SOLD, sold, sold. To mongoosefs1. Thanks for giving this old post a new life Danny!