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30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler Frameset

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Item sold


This is frame set #119.  It has remained in the box except to be admired occasionally. 

Please PM with any questions.

Continental US shipping only.

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good price and best of luck with your sale.

Thank you.

GLWS!!!! Sweet set!


You're giving it away yo!!! Somebody grab this quick!!!

In Cali my buddy at calabazasanjose has one in his bike shop complete for 699.00.  They did a niiiiice job, but should have welded orig. frame standers and bolt on forkstanders.  His is the only one I've ever seen for sale. It is nice to see yours is still boxed.

Thanks for the comments guys.

650 and ill take it

Where do I get the complete one for 650?

The posted price is my bottom line.

I want this!!

That's the cheapest I've ever seen one offered up for!  This should sell fast.  cool

ANYONE who low-balls under $850 on this should be banned permanently for being a tool.  neutral

Haha. . .my thoughts too, BMXCurator.  I keep taking it off being active because of the frustrating low-ball offers.

didn't you have to pay like $900 to get one of these?

I would be taking a loss at $850.  I had honestly planned on flipping it for a lot more right after I got it, but quickly came to my senses.  It didn't seem like the right thing to do for the hobby and I didn't feel good about it.  If no one is interested at my current asking price, I'll just hold onto it and probably build it up slowly over time.

sounds like the complete calabaza has is for the 1 that was sold complete prior to this frameset. these went for 1000 plus shipping. i doubt somebody built it up and is selling it for less than half of what they have into it. maybe if its used. 850 is a deal. and its #119. glws

Thanks.  Again, I'm really surprised the handful of offers I have gotten have been even well below my asking price, which really is my bottom line at this point.