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90 Haro Sport kinda a hard find

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90 Sport frame, 90 Master Forks........ not easy to find these days, does have the damage on the bottom where the bash guard would have been, sure wish they would of left it on there! but does't effect the ride, would love to keep this as is, but will offer the f/f  later if it's a slow sale.  Rims spin straight, and long, brakes work,but need cables. No cracks,no re-welds, just the damage to the bottom, and some scratches.
will send more pics, and work on shipping if its closer for cheaper.

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PM sent =

nice deal

Any more pics of the 59' big_smile What model? Tell me it's a rag!

Thats my Dads 59 Sport Coupe, og paint, super clean. No rust. Needs paint, but a real car for sure.

Wow! What a deal! 2nd dibs if it falls through!

Already shipped it out