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NADZ 14mm Threaded nuts

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BMX Museum Price Only!

From Bizhouse the NADZ dont worry about forgetting your tool at home like I did when Inventing the Primo Jewels!  this is the 14mm version of the jewels

I have 47 sets available!!!

Thank you from Bizhouse!
we appreciate your support

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I would like two sets.  Please PM me your Paypal address.

Hi do you still have these available?

PM sent if so I will take the last three sets if you still have them.

Thank you Sir!


i call dibs if theres one pair left

I need 5 sets PM me a total cool

I'll take a pair of 14mm and a pair of 3/8s if you have them!

I will take 2 pair if still available

Do you still have any of these for sale?

any in chrome ?

I have a pair of these on my bike,one of the best things created for wheels.


Paid for one set!


Arrived today, Thanks Bro!!! Love the note about the poi too, ha ha!!

We Need Poi Here !

Interested in 4 sets...

Got them in stock

I'll take 2 sets. big_smile