For Sale The latest For Sale items posted on BMXmuseum. https:// PHP/7.0.30-0+deb9u1 Pro Neck II <p>Nice original condition pro neck 2 some small scratches on back of the top (see pic) no hammer marks, great color. Not sure if the quill bolt is original, but everything else is. Will trade for blue MCS stem. Dibs rule.&nbsp; Pm any questions</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:22:08 -0700 dp71 GHP PRO S&M Standard <p>GHP PRO race frame with S&amp;M pitchfork light race fork.&nbsp; Not sure on year. S/N is PRO 1000525. 20 1/4&quot; TT Euro BB 1 1/8&quot; head tube 3D dropouts.&nbsp; Good condition.&nbsp; S&amp;M pitchfork is in excellent condition. 265 for F/F, headset, snafu??? Stem, and Odyssey seat post...Add 65 if you want the Standard strip bars (nice) 27 1/2&quot; X 8 (maybe 7.5)&nbsp; Dibs rule</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:22:08 -0700 dp71 Profile 175 cranks <p>175 Profile crankset...some scuffs,. no rust, no damage.&nbsp; Comes with spindle and bolts.&nbsp; 44T Voxom sprocket.&nbsp; Dibs rule</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:22:04 -0700 dp71 Odyssey cruiser bars <p>Odyssey Z bars uncut, some peppering on original chrome.&nbsp; 28X5 1/2&quot; (approx) ask any questions, dibs rule <br /></p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:22:02 -0700 dp71 Bombshell Racing fork <p>1 1/8&quot; Bombshell fork for 20&quot;.&nbsp; Sprayed black, some scratches. Good 3/8 drop outs, no damage (dents) on fork legs 175mm steer tube.&nbsp; Dibs rule, pm for info.&nbsp; Shipped to con US.</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:22:01 -0700 dp71 Haro Holeshot 2 Fat/Skinny Race Tires - Blue <p>Fairly rare set of Haro race tires in blueish gray with skinwalls.&nbsp; Good for rider/survivor.&nbsp; The tires seem pretty soft but cracks are present when you pinch them together.&nbsp; Fat/skinny combo, 1 is 20 X 2.10 and the other is 20 x 1.75.&nbsp; </p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:19:55 -0700 erichevy 1st gen Odyssey Pitbull rear brake black (incomplete older style logo) <p>1st Gen Odyssey Pitbull center pull brake. It's rider condition but the the springs still feel strong and the arms pivot smoothly. You get exactly what is pictured. The center cam is missing the cable nut and the plastic guide block (and it's screw). Also missing is the center bolt along with the barrel adjusted and arm. <br /> <br />Please PM with any questions and thanks for looking!</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:16:21 -0700 jerky SHOW POLISHED SUGINO 44-T CROWN CHAINWHEEL <p>Show polished Sugino crown 44-T chainwheel. Mint condition, even the teeth, oblong holes, and the inner part where it mounts are polished, perfect for your show build. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />(I am not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items after they ship)</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:13:01 -0700 CHABY S&M bmx cruiser bar wht <p>Used S&amp;M 5” Race Bar. in mint condition, no rust or dents or rewelds. <br />5? Race Bar. This is S&amp;M’s lowest cruiser bar. <br /> <br />Available in White <br /> <br />Width: 29 <br />Rise: 5? <br />Sweep: 10 degree <br />Up Sweep:2 degree <br />Cross Bar: 3/4? <br />Weight: 1 lb 9 oz (1.6 lbs) : 726 grams <br /> <br />im asking $50.00 <br />I only accept <strong>United State Postal Money orders</strong>, sorry i do not have paypal. <br />PM me if serious.</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:23 -0700 estados Profile mat black elite front hub <p>The Elite front hub is made in the U.S.A. by Profile Racing with features such as a 2024 aluminum hub shell, aluminum center axle with 3/8&quot;x16tpi axle bolts and 2 sealed hub shell bearings. The Elite front hub also has a smooth hub shell design with color matched bearing cones and volcano washers for a clean look. <br /> <br />Brand new, never used or assembled <br />I am asking for $100.00 <br />I only accept United States money orders due to my bad credit. <br />PM me if intersted</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:19 -0700 estados snafu QR seat clamp <p>Snafu quick release seat clamp in bag never opened. <br />Asking $15.00&nbsp; only accept United States Postal money orders. i do not have paypal <br /> <br />Pm me if interested</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:18 -0700 estados odyssey flatware fork chrome <p>BRAND NEW, never used or mounted. no dents or rust. for sale asking <strong>$170.00</strong> <br /><strong>i only accpet United States postal Money orders. </strong>PM me if interested. <br />no trades... <br /> <br />F25 <br />Our 41-Thermal® forks quickly established a reputation for strength and quality when we originally introduced them in 1999, and they have since gone on to change the standards that all forks are judged by. Our new R-Series forks continue this tradition. <br />Features <br />* Fully redesigned. <br />* Laboratory tested and team proven. <br />* New, custom, seamless, tapered, butted and specially formed leg tube shaping for improved grind and guard clearance. <br />* All-new steerer tube design improves fatigue strength and includes a built-in, integrated, lower headset seat race. <br />* New, optimized, 4mm dropout shape for grind and peg clearance. <br />* Updated 7075-T6 pre-load bolt, US Pat. No. 7,591,474 <br />* Proven 41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly <br />* Legendary lifetime replacement warranty <br />Specs <br />* 25mm steep offset <br />* 3/8” axle slots only <br />* 990 brake mounts <br />* Starting at 2lb .2oz (912 grams) <br /> <br /><strong>Odyssey Freestyle F BMX Forks Weight: <br />Material: 41-Thermal Brake Type : <br />U-brake S.H.I.S. Clamp Diameter: <br />28.6 Steerer Tube Length <br />: Wheel Size: 20&quot; Front Axle Type <br />: 3/8&quot; <br />: 411 Wght/Dims: 2.76 lbs. 22.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 <br /> Invoice Description: <br />Ody Freestyle F-25 Blk Frk 3/8&quot; 25mm w 990mnt</strong></p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:17 -0700 estados Mosh slant stem 1 1/8 black <p><strong>Used Mosh slant stem 1 1/8</strong> <br /> <br />asking <strong>$30.00</strong> <br />PM if serious to buy <br /> <br />I only accept United States Postal money orders</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:16 -0700 estados GT piston stem <p>GT racing piston stem for threaded forks. Brand new, never mounted. <br />I only accept U.S. postal money order, sorry i do not have a paypal account. <br />PM me if interested.....</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:16 -0700 estados Cliq addict bar chrome <p>The CliQ BMX Addict bars are 2-pc race bars made from 13-butted and heat-treated chromoly tubing with a 16mm crossbar to further reduce weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness. <br /> <br />Rise: 8&quot; <br />Width: 27.25&quot; <br />Backsweep: 6° <br />Upsweep: 3° <br />Crossbar Height: 5.875&quot; <br />Crossbar Width: 10.875&quot; <br />Weight: 26.9 oz <br /> <br />For sale $85.00 brand new never mounted or used. <br />i only accept united states postal money orders <br />PM me if interested</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:15 -0700 estados Odyssey wheel Q1 front wheel chrome <p><strong>Brand New, never mounted on a bike or ridden.</strong> <br /><strong>no lowballing or trades</strong> <br /><strong>will not ship, available only in New Jersey.</strong> <br /> <br />I only accept United States Postal Money order, or cash. I do not have paypal. <br /> <br />PM me if interested <br /> <br />Q1 Front Wheel <br />Our Q1 Front Wheel is our Quartet Front Hub laced onto our Hazard Lite Rim (Hard Anodized Black or Chrome). <br />Hazard Lite Rim <br />•&nbsp; &nbsp; 6000 series aluminum <br />•&nbsp; &nbsp; 32mm wide <br />•&nbsp; &nbsp; 17mm tall <br /><strong>$121</strong></p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:14 -0700 estados Haro cranks 175 3 piece <p>Haro 3 piece 175mm cranks. New never used or ridden. <br />asking $100.00 <br /> <br />i only accept United States postal money order. sorry i dont have paypal. <br />PM if serious...</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:13 -0700 estados skyway street beat 1985 <p>1985 skyway street beat&nbsp; asking $1,200.00 <br />no rust, dents or cracks. <br /> <br />PM me if serious buyer. <br /> <br />1985 skyway street beat frame and fork <br />skyway race bars <br />A'ME green grips <br />Powerlite race stem <br />dia-comp mx1000 brakes front and back <br />dia comp locking levers <br />dia comp seat clamp <br />GT 2 piece laid back seat post <br />dominator seat. <br />redline double pinch 175mm cranks. <br />redline chainwheel 44 teeth <br />skyway green mags freewheel <br /></p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:12 -0700 estados Freestylin 2 the book <p>Freestylin 2 the book for sale. <strong>Asking $100</strong> <br /><strong>I do not have paypal and only accept United States postal money orders.</strong> <br /> <br />141 pages of rad old school trick performed the pros. <br />Great to learn old style tricks from the 80’s. <br />The book is in great shape, no rips or water damage, <br /> <br />Will not ship internationally <br /> <br />Pm me if interested</p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:11 -0700 estados Odssey clutch v1 rear wheel chrome <p><strong>Brand New, never mounted on a bike or ridden. </strong> <br />no lowballing or trades <br />will not ship, <strong>available only in New Jersey.</strong> <br /> <br />PM me if interested <br /> <br /> <br />Clutch v1 Freecoaster Wheel <br />Our popular Clutch Freecoaster Hub laced to the tried and true Hazard Lite Rim for your convenience. <br />Clutch v1 Freecoaster Hub <br />•&nbsp; Super-durable bearing arrangement throughout <br />•&nbsp; Maximum strength axle design <br />•&nbsp; Unique external slack adjustment feature <br />•&nbsp; Super-durable drag mechanism design <br />•&nbsp; Plastic hub guard included (but optional to use) <br />•&nbsp; 36-hole, 2014-T6 aluminum shell <br />•&nbsp; 9-T Driver <br />•&nbsp; RHD or LHDHazard Lite Rim <br />•&nbsp; &nbsp; 6000 series aluminum <br />•&nbsp; &nbsp; 32mm wide <br />•&nbsp; &nbsp; 17mm tall <br /> <br /><strong> <br />$250.00</strong></p> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:02:11 -0700 estados