Hello and Welcome, Yes, I do have an actual physical bmxmuseum

It includes my personal over 500 bmx style bikes collection.

I will occasionally schedule a Tour for small groups

Contact me via email if you are in the Portland OR. area.

Funny pic of me contemplating why GT can't ride in the car with me..

No, the bikes are NOT FOR SALE.

Plus I do NOT own every bike pictured.

Many of them are simply pictures from eBay or submitted to the site.

Thanks! and Cheers

bike from is only june 83 in this pic, 

so pretty sure its all era correct.. haha

Thats my cousin in white shirt, grandpa in the hat, and me on the left, wondering if the bike will make it all the way to Santa cruz!

GT Pro Frame

GT Pro Fork

SST dirt skirt

Tange beartrap 2 headset

GT Pro Handlebars

GT Seat post

Redline Brute stem

Bullseye hubs, red spokes 

Araya 7c alumin rims

Suntour freewheel 16tooth

Sedis sport thin chain

Takagi 180 mm 1 piece cranks.

Petes precsion sealed botoom bracket.

Tuff neck sprocket plate, and 43 tooth sprocket

Shimano DX pedals.

Dia compe mx1000 brakes and tech 3 lever

Red Slick cable

Mathauser finned brake pads

Tuf neck seat clamp.

Kashimax aero seat

Oakley .5 grips

Comp 3 tires, fat one up front

ultra lite tubes

Haro number plate.

Sometimes cal lite pads and donuts

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