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1984 Yes Titan Dominator

1984 Yes Titan Dominator

This is my mate's bike - just bought off Ebay @ a bargin price. I told him about this set & funny enough its the same bike he wanted as a kid having seen it in a BMX magazine. Hence here it is. The guy who owned it had it in his loft & never built it up into a full bike - all components are origional, still has plastic covers to protect the bar ends. The bike is very light & comes with minimal flawes. From the serial no. I'm guessing this reads as an 84 (WM3584121)? Any information on "Yes" would be great - I remember seeing loads of Yes helmets in the magazines but don't know much more than that?

Since admin note:

OK, I've been doing some research!! This bike is featured in BMX Action Bike (UK mag) issue 18, May 1984 (I've tracked down a copy so I'll scan the review & post it in due course). I also seen a page scaned from a magazine (Nov 84), in the corner is an advert for "Cranks Cycle Centre" in Acton, London - they are offering the fame kit @ 15% discount priced @ £85.99 (GBP).

Head tube pic now included in gallery.

Any information on Yes BMX would be more than welcome?

Note: Thank you! :)


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