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1982 Yamaha BYZ 401

1982 Yamaha BYZ 401

Yamaha BYZ 401 found in a ton of crap, kept the original paint and the original decals. Cleaned all the parts I could save, relaced the wheels & mounted it how it has been found.

Frame: Yamaha BYZ 401 

Forks: TRX chromoly forks

Headset: Hatta MX 2

Handlebar: Red adonized alloy V-handlebar

Grips: A'ME 

Stem: Red adonized Sr Sakae

Seatpost: Sr Sakae laprade

Seat: Yamaha

Seatclamp: Polished Sr Sakae 

Crank: Adonised Nervar 3 piece gear

Pedals: Sr Sakae MP 464

Chain: Gold KMC

Brakes: Weinmann red adonised

Brakelevers: Red adonized Chen Lee tech II 

Rims: Gold Weinmann with polished sides

Tyres: Red cheng shin 20 x 2.125 & 1.75

Hubs:  Front :Maillard - Rear :Helicosport

Submitted by Spartacus

  • Race
  • Company: Yamaha
  • Model: BYZ 401
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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