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1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

1974 Yamaha Motobike

This is my 1974 Yamaha MotobikeI, serial # J60008059. My collecting of BMX Bikes started with my son seeing my 1976 DG Racer II in the garage of my mother’s house and saying what a junky old bike. Well that made me want to restore the DG and with the help and curse of E-Bay I was off and running. Once the DG was restored I found my self-wanting to collect all the BMX bikes that I had as a kid. After finding and restoring a 79 Mongoose Team Bike, I started looking for a Webco. After the Webco I started looking for a Littlejohn (1974-75) and a Dan Gurney monoshock (1974-75). Well I am still looking for these two bikes as frames to build up, so any help (with in reason and not causing me a divorce) would be great! Once I found the BMXMUSEUM.COM. and started looking at all the bike companies that made bikes from my era. I can still remember when these bikes first came out. My mom and dad took me to the Yamaha dealer in Rosemead CA to see them. I got this as junk from E-bay and rebuilt everything. As I remember there they were lined up in the front of the dealership along side all the other Motocross motorcycles. In side the dealership I got to sit on one and bounce like it was the real thing going off the biggest jump I could ever imagine. The only thing bad about this experience was that they cost a lot of money and I did not get one. I still really wanted one so I mowed the lawn of everyone in sight that summer. Buy the time I had enough money the buy one the first Webcos hit my area bike shop and the Yamaha became just a distant memory. Well except for my friends that had them that I beat at every race. I can still remember hearing “Damn, stupid cotter pins”.

Submitted by DG-dean

  • Race
  • Company: Yamaha
  • Model: Moto-Bike
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Yamaha, powder coated Yamaha Bars Yamaha Bottom Bracket Yamaha Cranks Yamaha Forks Yamaha Grips Yamaha Head Set Araya Wheels Kenda Tires KKT Pedals S.S. Chain Troxel Seat Vintage Number Plate

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