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1987 Wim Cycle Voltus

1987 Wim Cycle Voltus

Strange Indonesian BMX

Now here is a strange one ! Looks like a Mad Max roadwarrior style bike ....

I got this many years ago , it was locked up to a bike rack and abandoned , i was always checking it out , one day the city came and cut the locks on all the abandoned bikes and left them to the side . I was quick to grab this bike and lucky to be there that day .

It not a super high quality bike , it's just so weird and unique that you're sure to get looks riding it . No one who works at bike shops have ever seen one of these , It's a Voltus , made in Indonesia . I don't think it was destined for the North American market , as no one including myself has ever seen one of these . Some how it made its way to Canada in a ship or something .

It was fun to cruise on this one , i had it fixed up when i was in college and we would go on drunken night BMX cruises , 5 or 6 bikes strong , all from my BMX collection . Good memories .. at one time this bike had black 5 spoke mags and looked ill . Definitely not a performance or race bike with all the stuff on it , pretty heavy but lots of fun to just cruise on .  It needs a bit of work now .

The frame , attachments , fork , headset , cranks , pedals , seat post are all original it seems , so are the cool fenders .
banana seat , handlebars/stem , and wheels not original . has holes in front forks for thread in freestyle peg framestanders .
The fairings are really strange ! Looptail on a freestyle type bike is quite strange too .

there's a bit of everything going on with this bike , an odd mix of freestyle and racing in a totally non-functional package !

It's in storage now , but I'm plannning to fix it up next summer .

Submitted by CanadianBMX

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Wim Cycle
  • Model: Voltus
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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