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White Bear (1987–2005)

White Bear operated from 1987 - 1999, went broke and was then restarted by the parents of a Junior factory rider based out of San Francisco (Merced?). 5 model frames Micro, Mini, Expert, Pro & Pro XXL. The pro was called the 'T-bone' after then factory pro Shawn T-Bone Texas. The T-bone frame was unique with a small extra stay welded between the seat pillar and the gusset between the chainstays. Not long after the release of the T-bone shawn went to jail, the frame was dropped and within months White Bear went by the way side.
I also found something in a magazine, that Ron Anderson (at the time a White Bear factory pro)was behind the forks with the huge gap, and that the production forks were NOT like that. I am still interested in getting a pro sized frame set, if anyone has one out there?

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