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2012 WeThePeople Champ 26

2012 WeThePeople Champ 26

2012 We The People Champ. Full Custom build.

2012 We The People Champ. Craigslist find. This bike was a total basket case when I got it. The original fork was missing and one of the brake mounting studs was broken off. I had both of the brake studs replaced at Tonic Fab and also shaved the cantilever brake cable mount.
I could tell it had potential but it had a lot of ride-ability issues. The handlebars were too tall and cut too narrow, the seatpost was too short, the seat was hard as a brick, the original brakes stuck out too far, the cranks were too short, and the gearing was ridiculous. It was like being in 10th gear all the time. I also didn`t like the original color.
So I set out to correct all of its problems and I think it turned out really well. It`s now very comfortable to ride. The powder coat has multi-colored crystal metal flakes in it. When it`s in low light it looks black, but when it`s in direct sunlight it really sparkles.
The only original parts are the frame, rims, stem, and seat clamp. More pics from before and during the restoration are at the bottom of this post.

Parts list:

2012 We the People Champ frame
Salt Plus rims 
Salt Plus stem
Salt Plus seat clamp
SE Racing Landing Gear fork
SE Racing Powerwing cruiser handlebars
SE Racing sprocket
Profile cranks
Straitline pedals
Shadow Conspiracy seat post
Shadow Conspiracy hollow stem bolts
Shadow Conspiracy chain
Tree Fat Ergo pivotal seat 
Redline chain tensioners
ACS Maindrive hubs
Odi Rogue grips
Odyssey A-Brakes
Odyssey Linear Slic brake cable
Paul Love brake lever
Resist Nomad tires
Big Cheese handlebar pad

Submitted by Scraplord

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