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1976 Webco Replica

1976 Webco Replica

1976-1977 Webco Replica

Hello everybody. What I have here today is my 1976-1977 Webco Replica. These are very hard to tell the year on these early Webco's but because the brake bridge is not drilled I believe it puts it around that time. If you have any additional info that can pinpoint the year any better, please let me know. This frame and fork was found in somebody's rafters a few years ago. The frame was sand blasted and left to sit. The forks were ok but the nickel has seen better days. I found traces of black paint on the frame so a new paint was applied. Ashtabula bars and cranks were installed, rat trap pedals, Addicks early sprocket and when was the last time you have seen one of those stems?? Vinal pads and Hunt grips round it off. A fun bike to own and a big part of BMX history. Thanks for reading, Troy

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