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1974 Webco Inc. Hardtail

1974 Webco Inc. Hardtail

Webco hardtail model all in black on black with matching Tuffs and Box bars!

Total full-on Old school BMX bike from way back when the sport was called BMX! This frame was the 2nd generation hardtail as the first was named or called the Rick's frame because it was designed by Rick Twomey AKA " The Godfather of BMX"

This frame sports all the goodies that made the mid 70's so RAD!

Two wheeler's Stroker Box Bars

 74'Single Gusset Hardtail frame in glossy Black

Slimline Double Neck Stem

1st generation Tuff Wheels

Troxel Saddle Seat

Cheng Chin Knobbies

Schwinn Diamond Cranks

Union Pedals

Addicks Sprocket and Spider

Redline Cro-Moly Fork (Undrilled)

Fluted Black Seatpost

ACS Seatclamp

HuntWilde BMX Grips


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