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1978 Webco Inc.

1978 Webco Inc.

This is my dirty little Webco...

I really enjoyed putting this together. It was time to finally get to my Webcos and try to finish them up. The Webco forks were stripped raw for re-plating but I liked them so much stripped, I just oiled them and left them bare. What else? The grips are clear Preston Petty's which are quite rare these days, Ashtabula stem and crank, vintage Mesinger "Dragon" saddle in white, black Tuffs, black KKT Rat Traps and my favorite old school sprocket, the Schwinn "Lucky 7". Webcos are pretty cool old bikes IMO especially as they were one of the first true racing frames made in the US for BMX. Most are very hard to accurately pinpoint the exact year of manufacture in my experience. Webco serial numbers don't really mean much at all it seems either. This frame may even be a '79, but as far as I know this appears to be most likely a '78. This bike rides well and feels very sturdy especially with the square tube Webco forks. It fits right between a short and long Mongoose in size. It's always fun to ride around on a classic 30 year old Webco!

  • Race
  • Company: Webco Inc.
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"