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1974 Webco Inc.

1974 Webco Inc.

Rare original single gusset hardtail.

After many years of searching, I now, again possess the first real bmx bike I had as a boy. I remember my Grandfather pinning the gooseneck to the bars with a cement nail as i kept stripping them on hard landing jumps. I kept breaking the frame at the bottom loop on the left, where it met the chain stay. A retired Army Colonel that lived down the street from us (Plantation Florida) would weld it back up for me on a near regular basis after he gave me total hell for being so hard on it all the time. My buddy with his Trailmate had the same issue and would be with me on several occasions. We would build 20’ lake jumps to freestyle, just hold on to your bike. Too much commotion for the gators to mind. Those were some good times.

The frame was acquired unknowingly at the time of auction from Jeff Haney who in turn told me it came from the man who was behind Webco, the legendary and bmx hall of fames, Rick Twomey. Rick had a few pieces left over before he died that were purchased from him and it had some true and real bmx roots. It still sports the original paint with some minor blemishes. I tried to built it with correct parts from the 70’s era. Weighing in at 33 lbs., a real piece of bmx history to add to the museum. 

To this day, i think it’s absolutely the coolest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on...(besides my Wife!)           

Ashtabula neck & 8 1/2” stamped crank
Mongoose Motomag II
Redline Squareback Nickel fork
Schwinn mag sprocket 
Schwinn Scrambler box bars
Schwinn headset, cups and guts
Oakley grips
Bendix 70’ coaster brake
Cheng Shin 2.125” knobs
KKT rat traps
Person seat
Bultaco East Neil plate/numbers (he owns the original mold)
Hard Chrome Enterprises nickel plating 

Submitted by Sofa King Bad Ass

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