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2012 WeThePeople Volta

2012 WeThePeople Volta

21'tt, Awesome, Love the welds so neat and clean. The seatstay bridge looks like the one from the Cream frame. Finally it is completely dialed in except for the wheels.... (Dirt action pics comi

Year: 2012 

Frame: WTP Volta*4130 Sanko Chromoly, Butted tubing, Hydroformed downtube, Integrated clamp* 

Fork: Cult Sect V2 (black chrome) 

Handlebars: Cult Leader V2 (black chrome) 

Stem: Subrosa Forever FL (polished) 

Grips: Animal Edwin (blk flangeless) 

Barends: Kink Lightest (black) 

Headset: SaltPlus "Echo" internal 

Cranks: Profile GDH 175mm (chrome) 

Sprocket: Eclat "Vent" 25t (polished) 

BB: SaltPlus "Echo" Mid 

Pedals: Eclat "Slash" Nylon 

Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock 2 (silver) 

Front hub: SaltPlus "Trapez" female 3/8 

Rear hub: SaltPlus "Trapez" cassette 9t L&R switchdrive 

Front rim: Eclat "Trippin 

Rear rim: Eclat "X-odus" 

Front & Rear tires: Subrosa "Streetdiggers" 2.25 

Seat: Subrosa Forever pivatol (black) 

Seatpost: Fit Shorty (polished) 

Pegs: Shadow Conspiracy LittleOnes (white) (removed for dirt jumping)

Brake Lever:

Brake Cable:

Brake Caliper:

Decals: Kustom 

Weight:18.2 lbs

Submitted by SprAwL

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