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1975 Wards-Montgomery Silver Fox

1975 Wards-Montgomery Silver Fox

A real piece of early BMX history !!!

I bought this off Craigslist because it reminded me of my first new bike - 78 Murray Dirtycat. Did some research and discovered it to be a Silver Fox. Sold by Montgomery-Wards ( similar to Sears, JC Penny, Service Merchandise ) in the mid-70's, it is similar to the Yamaha Moto Bike of that era. The Silver Fox was actually built by a company that produced mini bikes - Fox Corporation in Janesville, Wisconsin.   

I plan to restore it to rideable condition and show it at some of the bike shows in Tennessee next year. Not aware of any shows in the Huntsville, AL area where I live but hopefully I can make it to the Indiana shows where I spent my first 45 years.

Any additional info you may have on this bike would be greatly appreciated. 

Submitted by dirtycat