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1975 Wards-Montgomery

1975 Wards-Montgomery

Craigslist Score. Pumped the tubes up and wiped it down. It all still works after more than 35 years old- I mean the bike...

Bought this on Craigslist from Mark in Hollywood, Florida. I saw it Friday morning on CL posted as a Yamaha Moto- found out from a member here that it is a1975 Wards-Montgomery (I am not sure if it is a Silver Fox or not since it is yellow). I was sure it was gone, but when I called Mark he still had it...went over at lunch and picked it up. He had just sold the Schwinn Stingray a few days before. Mark had it for the last 10 years at his auto mechanic business. He had rescued it from the side of his buddies house. He also had an old Murray that he rode as a kid, but would not part with it.


Cool guy- cool bike. I have no idea what I am going to do with it now.

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