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2012 VRP Quadangle Micro Mini

2012 VRP Quadangle Micro Mini

This is a one off custom frame build for my daughter . VRP Micro Mini

  1. Micro Mini VRP Ano in Pinkish Purple
  2. Gold OPR milled Cranks
  3. Bombshell V2 Brakes and lever
  4. Milled Ti hollow pin chain
  5. X-Pedo Ti Pedals
  6. Uni Seat
  7. Crupi Clamp
  8. Bombshell Carbon Wheels
  9. Ti Rainbow spokes
  10. Alum axles
  11. Anwser Ti BB
  12. ThumbSucker 35mm Stem
  13. Sinz Carbon Micro Bars
  14. ITS Micro 1" tires
  15. Crupi head set
  16. Ti V Brake Posts
  17. Ti Bolts
  18. 10.2 lbs

My Daughter rides for Factory VRP. When they picked her up last year they did not make a Micro Frame. So taking the measurements that we wanted they built a few micro's this is the 1st one ever made and it was just for her.. Pretty cool.. Thank you to Adria @ VRP and Jiri @ Bombshell for the continued support and backing on our racing adventures and endeavors.

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