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2012 Volume Destroyer

2012 Volume Destroyer

Jason Enns Destroyer 3rd hand and kinda Red Storm.

This was a fun project. I ended up with Jason Enns personal Destroyer. USA made and limited to 50. Jason threw in a bunch of Volume stickers and when I bought it I got the Stamp Duty invoice that he filled out to confirm its origins. The seller always has rare goodies so I am confident in the veracity of the origin. Double wishbone, mmmm. The wheels I saw on Facebook of all places. I had to basically sell my soul to get them ;) Maybe I need some more Red Storm? Its camo in the dark, its a super hero's bike. How about that? Jason kills everything and this frame has most likely done more miles in short time than I will ever most likely ride it... 

Submitted by Oyster

  • All-Around
  • Company: Volume Bikes
  • Model: Destroyer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 75
  • Seattube angle: 71
  • Toptube length: 21
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details Top Tube: 21? Chainstay: 13.75? BB height: 11.7? Seat Tube height: 8? Head Tube Angle: 75° Seat Tube Angle: 71° Seat Post: 25.4 Headtube: Integrated (45°X45° Campy Spec) Tire Clearance: 2.35 Seat Clamp: Integrated Brake Mounts: Thread-On 990 Mounts Dropouts: Heat Treated, 4mm thick 14mm slots Gyro Tabs: Thread-On Weight: 4 lbs 14 oz Stem: FBM Crown Royale Bars: Stranger 4pce cut to 28" Forks: Fly Agua Cranks: BSD Substance Sprocket: Proper Vanguard 25t Bash Chain: Shadow Hubs: Profile Mini Rims: MacNeil Dub (mod) Peds: Fit Seat: Bonedeth Vibrator Tyres: Fit TA 2.4 Brakes: Shadow Lever: oddy Gyro: Stolen