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Volume Bikes(2006–2006)

Volume Bikes was started by Brian Castillo after he rode for S&M Bikes and Primo. Brian has always been an excellent rider who had a lot of input on the design and development of the BMX parts he was riding. Hence, Volume Bikes was born. Volume is a small rider owned company that produces high quality frames, forks, bars and bikes for street and dirt BMX riding. Brian even has some a little BMX racing roots in him and it comes through in the strength and lightness of his designs.

Soon after the success of Volume Bikes, Brian launched Demolition Parts. to make – well, you guessed it – BMX parts! Demolition makes cranks, wheels, grips, stems, pedals, pretty much everything you need for your bike. And just like Volume, it’s all very high quality and designed to perform.

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty on all 2005- products
(this includes frames, bars and middle weight forks) We back our products so much we are now offering a new warranty. If you brake it we guarantee that we will do something to fix the problem!
Below is our policy
For any warranty issues, you are going to have to send the product back to us. If you think the product was damaged because of a factory defect feel free to send it back to us with a copy of the receipt. We cannot make any promises on what we will do until we see the product.
Please send to:
Volume Bikes Attn. Warranty Dept.
7342 Melrose St.
Buena Park, Ca. 90621

warranty (at)

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