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Vincent Frames (1984–2010)

Vincent Frames – est. 1984

Bernie Vincent by trade was a welder who had a keen interest in all things bikes.  He ran a bike shop for many years and it was here that he decided he could make a better BMX frame than those he was selling.  So he spoke to the riders, listened to what they wanted and created the ‘Vincent Freestyler’. 

In 1984 Skyway rider Paul 'ROCK' Hudson was featured in Freestyle BMX Magazine testing out the brand new 'Vincent Freestyler’.  One year on and ROCK was not only riding demos & competitions all over the UK & Europe for the Vincent Frames team - he was also making them....along with their towable quarter pipes, forks and the bars that bore his name.

Also wanted to point you in the direction of the VF facebook group as there’s a ton of images, links and video’s up there which you might be interested in –

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