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VG (2018–2018)
Every component on this website is made in the United States of America by Americans. We hope you take as much pride in their craftsmanship as we do. Please enjoy these products safely and responsibly. 

VG is still the leader in CNC milled bicycle components for your BMX racer, cruiser or street thrasher, and now mountain bikes. Vg is serious about total quality of materials, clean crafted lines, and a durable American-made product. 

Only VG starts with a block of 6061-T6051 aluminum, naturally making it many times stronger than a casting. The block is precisely CNC machined, tool and tool. The finished part is often only 25% to 50% of the original mass. Yes, Machining is the most difficult, the most time- consuming, the most expensive way to make a component, but when it’s finished, it is of aircraft quality and durability.

So, when pushing your ride to its limits there’s no mental hang-ups about the other brands subgrade componentry. The statement "quality cost money" is definitely true here, but in the long run, it costs less. If you’re happy with what you have OKAY! But if you want or need the best, you need VG Components. 

Right now, VG has more than 25 different components available.  You have the choice of 7 anodized colors; Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red, Tangerine. Check out our online store and place an order today! 

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