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Verde BMX (2008–2013)

verdebmxThe name of the brand is Verde. We wanted a name that we could work with and had some depth. Verde means green in Spanish, but to us it means a little more. It reminds me of something fresh and new, which is exactly how we want to be perceived. There’s a bunch of thoughtless, poorly designed stuff in BMX, which isn’t doing much for our sport.

Cory Muth and Steve Buddedeck are true veterans in the BMX business. The two of them have mainly worked on the marketing side of BMX, and they own a creative agency called Axis based in Dayton, Ohio. Earlier this year they launched a new BMX accessory company named Duo, and they’ve now jumped headfirst into the complete bicycle market with their newest venture: a bike company named Verde.

I started racing when I was 10 and was pretty competitive in the sport until I was 18 or so. I’ve always ridden trails and skateparks and still do when I get the chance. My first job in the industry was working for Hal Brindley at Play Clothing when I was 19. I was in school at the time, and as soon as I graduated, Steve Buddendeck and I started our agency (Axis). Over the past seven years, we’ve done work for nearly every company in BMX. 

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Verde BMX/ Yeagle


Verde BMX/ VEX


Verde BMX/ Theory


Verde BMX/ Spectrum


Verde BMX/ Radia


Verde BMX/ Prism


Verde BMX/ Neyer Pro


Verde BMX/ Modus


Verde BMX/ Luxe


Verde BMX/ Eon


Verde BMX/ Cartel


Verde BMX/ Cadet

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