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1982 Vector Mark 2

1982 Vector Mark 2

Granted, I need to get my bikes in some sun light and get a sharper camera, but until then...

The F/F and bars were a so-called barn find.  This is a first generation VDC made frame (notice how the seat stays are welded to the top tube), although I decided to use 2nd gen decals.  

I only lightly restored the chrome with some wet tinfoil and added a new set of decals.  My preference from now on is to find original bikes and keep them as original as possible; I love the patina etc.


Redline 401 Single Pinch Full Wrap w/Bubble Font Machined Redline Sprocket
Titron Pedals w/Hutch Cages
Izumi Chain
Mike Buff Signature ACS Z-Rims w/Bullseye Hubs
Elina Lightning Bolt Seat
Vector Seat Post
Hutch Donut Seat Clamp
A'ME Unitron Grips w/Flite Donuts
Panaracer Tires
Vector Standard Size Bars
Hatta Headset

Submitted by basejumper

  • Race
  • Company: Vector
  • Model: Mark 2
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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