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1982 Vector Mark 2

1982 Vector Mark 2

Super Early Survivor !! #149!!

Picked this up from the nephew of the owner of Vector rite here in Knoxville!  The chrome is perfect and brilliant! Super fast and light! What a great racer!

Did the refurb myself with the help of the tech/restoration section rite here on the BMX Museum! Got the Licensed reproduction decals from Joe AKA "12welvemonkeys".

Submitted by SharkBite

  • Race
  • Company: Vector
  • Model: Mark 2
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1982 Vector Mark-2 F/F Vector Bob Haro bars Phil Wood 1st gen hubs NOS 1982 ACS Z_RIMS Stainless spokes w/ blacks nips NOS Comp3 tires 82 NOS SR Red Custom M pedals Hatta headset ACS seat clamp GT Lay Back Post Dominator seat 83 MX caliper w/ Weinmann Odyssey Slick red cable Redline Flite Chrome Double Pinch Cranks Profile Spider 82 Pete's Precision chain ring 43t Sugino Chain Ring Bolts Nickle plate chain Reproduction Pad Set

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