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1997 Unknown

1997 Unknown

my 2nd bike I planned to build. started as a bare frame found at a bike shop.

I found this unknown bare frame at a local bike shop for $25. I posted pics of it in the forum here rite after I got it & have checked several makes posted here every time I think I have a clue of who made it. But so far nada. I didn't have the cash when I saw it at the shop so I didn't get much of a look at it. I told my wife about it & the next day she picked it up for my b day gift. Pretty awesome surprise when I got home from work! What wasn't awesome was the condition of it once I actually had a chance to inspect it. For starters the head tube has a few gouges and there are a few dents here & there. Not a big deal....after all it's an unknown frame for $25 I didn't expect it to be perfect. However what I didn't expect was to find "bmx mafia" engraved all over it. But what the hell its chrome,rides nice,and it was cheap. The 1st build was with rims,forks, & 3pcs cranks from a vertical and bars/stem from a Mongoose Villain. I've made a few changes as I've picked up a few bikes but kept the Mongoose bars. I'll post pics of it together as soon as I finish its current rebuild.

  • All-Around
  • Company: Unknown
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"