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1980 Unknown Cruiser 26

1980 Unknown Cruiser 26

This is one of those Mystery Cruisers that people have been trying to figure out for almost a decade. this one did not have any Serial numbers as some do. When a customer offered to sell it I knew not

I have had this frame and the Akisu chrome fork that was sold to me for 3 yrs. I am no closer as is no one that I know closer to solving the who made this Rad frame. I would think someone would step up. Most seem to think a builder in the Santa Cruz area may have done them as a bike has a SC bike shop decal on it of a defunct now shop(deadend again). So with that I have taken some liberties as to the rebuild. I have collected a good collection of period early 80's parts, but as this is not going to be a carpet Queen, I took liberties with some parts that will hold up better and still be period and give me a good ride, so anything goes as no one knows exactly what dressage they wore.. I have talked to other owners and we think there are at least a dozen possibly 2 that exist. Hope I can meet others in the future.

Submitted by mofoco1

  • All-Around
  • Company: Unknown
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1pic. Mocking up 2pic. As found with an LG addition 3pic.Back from plater. triple Nickle no chrome here. 4pic. Called the Mystery Cruz'r model Ni3 for triple nickle and 3 nickles incorporated into new handlebars and seatpost.

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