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1987 Universal Freestyler

1987 Universal Freestyler

U.K. Budget Freestyler with unique Double Downtube.

Given to me by a friend and then restored back to former glory this budget freestyler is pretty rare indeed. Original 'Great Freestyle' Brand Mag wheels were warped so replaced by Skyway's the rest I've tried to keep as original spec. Hope you like?

Decals - Freshfields Graphics / Esemdesign

Padset - Framepad Esemdesign / Bar & Stem-pad OG 

Tyres - Curio UK 

Paint - Brilliant White by Colorcote Norfolk 

Grips - Oxford Brand Mushroom Copies

Levers & Brakes - Lee Chi

Saddle - MX Brand

Seatpost - Nitto

Pedals - Wellgo

The only thing that separates this Frame from the Falcon Prostyler is the addition of a brace tube on the lower stays on the Falcon, where as the Universal does not have one. There are a few Universals masquerading as Prostylers and to the untrained eye are very convincing.  

Submitted by jussa

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