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1988 Universal Pro Freestyler

1988 Universal Pro Freestyler

Rare U.K. Freestyler

1988 Universal Pro Freestyler

Country: United Kingdom

Very rare bike to come across over there and in the states. I bought it thinking it was a Falcon Prostyler. Justin Smith a guy from the FB museum helped me identify it was a Universal bike. There are several bike companies that has made bikes like my frame so be careful if your looking for a particular model. Some examples are Falcon Prostyler, Kuwahara Expeditionist, Meteor-Lite. 

My parts list:
Frame- Universal
Fork- Falcon 
Handlebars- Powerlite
Wheels- Skyway TuffII
Grips- Ame
Brakes- Dia compe 880 
Stem- Haro group1
Seat post- Gt layback 
Tires- Kenda 
Seat- velo
Seat clamp- Hutch
Cranks- 175mm 
Pedals- Suntour scII 
Chainwheel- Suntour 44T
Brake levers- Rx-5 
Detangler- Gyro
Headset- Yst

On Justin Smiths Universal it has a serial number stamp in the bottom bracket. Mine don't have one but could be filled in with powder coating. I will see if I can't verify it for sure its not there. Hope y'all enjoy my article and hopes it helps a lot of people. Thanks for looking.

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