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1988 Universal Super Tracker

1988 Universal Super Tracker

Restored low end,cheap BMX

I bought this Bike at Brick lane market In London for £25

It was in a sorry state and had been outdoors for many years.

This is the kind of first bike that your parents would buy from the catalogue or halfords not knowing the first thing about bmx.

Universal is a bicycle company from Essex in England.

The frame is heavy steel although the dropouts are made of thin (bendy) 3mm steel
The frame looks similar to many other brands of bmx.  Probably made by Giant bicycle co. in Taiwan . serial no G88.
Frames of this type were sold to a great number of companies who would then put on their own parts and branding.

Frame stripped and resprayed white
Stickers recreated on illustrator
Wheels took a bit of elbow grease and polish but shined up nicely.
Original (short, toy like) crank 140mm
Original chainwheel
Original pad set restored by painstakingly repainting the missing parts by hand.
Original cheap comp 3 ripoff tyres.
Original seat. Sanded and polished.
Original brake calipers, blocks and cables.
New head set.  The original had about 5 ball bearings left in it.
New brake levers.  The old plastic ones were snapped inside
New mushroom grips
New Win Cro-Mo 28"cw style bars. The old ones were too corroded to polish up.
New pedals.  Exactly the same as the old ones S.R.   SP - 521 cost more than the rest of the bike!!

Submitted by roystonvilla

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