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1988 Universal Panther PSX

1988 Universal Panther PSX

An "old school" survivor!

All original down to the reflectors, plastic chain guard and nylon frame pads, in amazing survivor condition. Looks like this bike has had a very sheltered life! Universal Cycles are based here in the UK and cater for the budget end of the market, and are still making bikes today.

These were sold through many different outlets and were very, very cheap at the time. I have seen this brand of bikes still being sold in various bike shops, department stores, petrol stations, market stalls etc.

This bike has many "copy" versions of parts found on more expensive bikes at the time, so has a more upmarket look than its original price would suggest, for example:

  • Copy "Aeroyal" saddle.
  • Copy "SR" seatpost clamp.
  • Copy "ODI Mushroom" grips.

Chrome plated frame, forks, bars, rims & hubs. Layback post. Chrome pressed steel calipers and brake levers, I doubt they would have much stopping power! All unbranded parts but these bikes looked the part & probably served many a child well BITD. Has a very short crank.

I have not needed to do anything to this bike, it's all as I found it, I have not even cleaned it. I think the tyres have been replaced at some time, the rear looks much newer and is of different make and tread pattern. I have not ridden it yet I got it out of interest.




Now sold. I no longer own this bike