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1986 Universal Super Tracker

1986 Universal Super Tracker

Great Bike but it weighs a ton and its built like a tank!!!

Built in 1986. Hand built in Raleigh, Essex, England. The whole thing made out of High-Ten Steel. I bought it when i was eight from a newspaper advert. I didn't want a new one because id just grown out of my old bike, and i wasn't big enough for a mountain bike. I went to see it in the house and the guy that had owned it before me only wanted £25 for it! When i got it home i noticed it was a bit of a rustbucket. The chrome wheels and handlebars were rusted, the foam coatings on the frame and handlebars were slashed and the seat had been melted. The axle was also damaged, I don't know how though. So, i bought some pegs from a bike shop near me and fitted them on. The blue handlebars were sun bleached, so they went purple. I Took off the foam coatings and then I noticed that the seat had been melted (note the strange angle!). I Dont know why or how. Then the inevitable happened. I was cycling with my mates and the tyre exploded. When I got home i left it in the garage, thinking that i would repair it soon. 4 years later I finally got round to doing it. A lot of wire wool, WD40, and a few trips to the bike shop later, the bike finally looked reasonable. I want to buy some new sticker sets for it but I cant find any that are Universal. No where seems to have them. The same with the pedals, no where has the right size. It handles well and is pretty quick too. If only i could make it lighter. Anyone has any other info on the bike, I want to hear it!

Submitted by johnny1995

  • All-Around
  • Company: Universal
  • Model: Super Tracker
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Front tire michelin, back- schwalbe. Clarks side pull brakes (original) Diamondback grips, original rims. Original frame, forks, pedals, cranks, handlebars and stickers.

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