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1985 Universal Free Stunt

1985 Universal Free Stunt

ultra rare

I bought this frame an forks from the internet after the previous owner decided to break up a very very rare and original survivor you can see the last of my pictures shows the bike before it was stripped.. and yes it is the only other white one shown on bmxmuseum so up until today and with vast research this is one of two known left to exist..there may of only been 4 or 5 ever made ?? the other known survivor has the wrong forks so maybe this is the last complete frame fork set..i got the f+f but the rest of the bits were scattered far and wide and i managed to track down the original handlebars and thats all.. so i have put my own take on colour and parts.. i have the original metal headstock badge and lots of pictures to have new decals made.. this was a real trick lil bike in its day. a well thought out standing platform and front standers at a decent height and a good size to.. i think its a great looking f+f. NOS Peregrine 48 hubs aashi chrome spokes Araya rims NOS Dia comp FS brakes mirror polished alloy NOS Haro freestyle stem NOS Beartrap headset NOS Alloy dia comp tech 3 levers SR crank NOS Sugino chrome spider NOS Sugino chrome chainring Original freestyle standing handlebars Haro alloy neck saver NOS 70 psi Whitewalls Alloy polished tuffneck seatpost clamp NOS yellow dia comp 85 cables / yellow cougar seat / chrome rear standing platforms... Some may not like the way i have gone with this one but i like it and when its finished it will look sweet.. ANY INFO ABOUT THESE WILL BE APPRECIATED..Thanks

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