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1976 Two Wheeler's Stroker II

1976 Two Wheeler's Stroker II

Weighing in at over 32 lbs!

I had been itching to add a 70s build to the collection, so a while back I snagged this frame and fork on Ebay.  All Two Wheeler's parts (frame, fork, bars) came to me in non-original finish, so I sent them off to the powder coaters and tried to get them as close to stock colors as possible.  This thing is a beast, weighing over 32 lbs.  

I am not 100% sure how to date these things, but based on the serial number, I am thinking it is a 76.  Here is a rundown of the build:

Frame - Two Wheeler's Stroker with NOS toptube decals applied.  The others are reproductions.
Fork - Two Wheeler's with reproduction decals
Bars - Two Wheeler's
Grips - Hunt Wilde NOS
Pads - Rad Pads NOS
Stem - Ahstabula (Schwinn stamped) NOS
Cranks - Ashtabula stamped 7.5 in NOS
Headset - Schwinn
Bottom Bracket - Schwinn
Seatpost - Schwinn
Seat - Mesinger w/ Mesinger stamped guts
Seatpost clamp - Murray NOS
Chainring - Three Arrows
Chain - Cycle Pro NOS
Pedals - Union 
Wheels - Unstamped Tuff I
Tires - Cheng Shin

Submitted by RadArcade