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1977 Two Wheeler's Magnum Stroker

1977 Two Wheeler's Magnum Stroker

Early BMX at it's coolest!

I found this 1977 Two Wheeler's Magnum Stroker at a local yard sale close to my house for $20.00. I brought it home and immediately took pictures to document the "as it was found condition". Disassembled the bike and started the preservation . The frame was rubbed out by hand using two stage compound and polish(yes it's the original paint), dipped an OA bath on the sprocket and forks in Oxalic Acid (notice the forks on this bike, Two Wheeler's tubular Pro forks), the Ashtabula stem and cranks were cleaned, the Two Wheeler's box bars were cleaned and waxed to remove the chalky residue, the rims were scrubbed using simple green, followed by using a scotch bright pad on the outer edge to clean them up, front wheel bearings were replaced, coaster brake was rebuilt, all bearing re-greased, and put the bike back together. I used some survivor black MKS pedals I had, the pads I also had, the grips are new, and added some new Cheng Shin C-183 2.125 tires front and rear.

Submitted by brunson67

  • Race
  • Company: Two Wheeler's
  • Model: Magnum Stroker
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Early BMX at it's coolest! 1977 is the year, Square tube frame Two Wheeler's Magnum Stroker.

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