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1976 Two Wheeler's Stroker II

1976 Two Wheeler's Stroker II

I found a NOS frameset and tried to complete it with NOS (or mint) era correct parts

I bought this frameset to a guy in the US in 2019. He told me he had bought it from the previous owner a year before. That owner got it from a shop in Memphis the night that shop closed in (more or less) 2002. The frameset had been laying around since 1976. 
It showed signs from having had a set of wheels assembled at some time, but no BB, seat post or other parts. I feel it's a reliable story, so I like to believe it's 100% true. 
Starting from a NOS frameset... I had no doubt I needed to find as much NOS parts as possible to build the bike. There goes the parts list: 

Frame: Two Wheeler's Stroker II
Headset: OG to the bike
Forks: Two Wheeler's Nifty Box Forks
Bars: BMX Products (out of a 1978 Roger Decoster. Sanded and powder coated)
Stem: Stamped Ashtabula (NOS) (Was still in original bag!!)
Grips: Hunt Wilde (NOS)
Seat: Persons (NOS)
Seat clamp: NOS
Seat post: Unknown (new)
Cranks: Stamped Ashtabula (NOS)
Chainring: Three Arrows (rechromed)
Chain: Izumi
Pedals: HTI rat trap (NOS)
Wheels: Femco (original, mint condition)
Tyres: Cheng Shin (CST, repop)

Submitted by oscar422

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