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1976 Two Wheeler's Stroker II

1976 Two Wheeler's Stroker II

I found a NOS frameset and tried to complete it with NOS (or mint) era correct parts

I bought this frameset to a guy in the US in 2019. He told me he had bought it from the previous owner a year before. I was lucky to contact that original owner and the told me that he had got it from a shop called Wheeler Dealer, in Memphis. He had been sponsored by them in 1982 or 83, when he has 9 or 10. When in 1996 the shop closed because the owner passed away, his wife invited some old school guys to have everything they wanted. And he grabbed this frameset that had been laying around since 1976. 

It showed signs from having had a set of wheels assembled at some time, but no BB, seat post or other parts. I feel it's a reliable story, so I like to believe it's 100% true. 
Starting from a NOS frameset... I had no doubt I needed to find as much NOS parts as possible to build the bike. There goes the parts list: 

Frame: Two Wheeler's Stroker II
Headset: OG to the bike
Forks: Two Wheeler's Nifty Box Forks
Bars: BMX Products (out of a 1978 Roger Decoster. Sanded and powder coated)
Stem: Stamped Ashtabula (NOS) (Was still in original bag!!)
Grips: Hunt Wilde (NOS)
Seat: Persons (NOS)
Seat clamp: Unbranded (NOS)
Seat post: Unknown (new)
Cranks: Stamped Ashtabula (NOS)
Chainring: Three Arrows (rechromed)
Chain: Izumi (NOS)
Pedals: HTI rat trap (NOS)
Wheels: Femco (original, mint condition)
Tyres: Cheng Shin (CST, repop)

Submitted by oscar422