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Twenty Bikes Co. (2005–2010)

Twenty was started in 1999 in the South of France by a rider named Alex Baret.

 Alex explained the company's altruistic beginnings: 

"Before starting Twenty, I was working for a big bicycle company named Sunn. I was 18 years old, doing phone sales for the BMX department. That experience in the industry helped me a lot. I learned what happened behind a brand. After two years, I decided to start this idea that was in my head since I was a kid, and TwentyBikesCo was born. I think it was time to give my life to the one thing I dreamt about since I started riding in 1986. I chose the TwentyBikes name because I wanted something that would explain the origin of our passion. Twenty is the size of a BMX wheel, so it was for me, the best identity to name this adventure."

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