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Turbo Bike Co. (2014–2014)

Turbo Bike Co. is the latest Australian BMX race bike company.

Turbo Bike Co. supports the Australian scene and retailers.


All our products are designed and tested by riders so you get the most reliable components we can make.Our 30+ years of experience in BMX goes into making precision high quality frames and components. Turbo Bike Co. products are designed from the ground up.Our flagship Turbo Bike Co. frames have had over two years of R&D, designing and testing by elite and pro riders such as Michael “Tiger” Robinson, Blake Schofield and Alex Cameron.Turbo Bike Co. frames are made in the same factory as many other high profile brands that you see at the track.Turbo Bike Co. 2014 frames are now in stock at your local Turbo Bike Co. dealer.All the best for all the Turbo riders who are hitting up the Nerang Nationals.Need More speed!!!Turbo Boost Your Ride…

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