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1994 Toyo E-Flat

1994 Toyo E-Flat

Designed by the Founder of Magic Fruits Kunitomo Onishi

This is my 1994 TOYO E-Flat Kunitomo Onishi Pro Model. This bike turned out beautiful I think and if your a Graveyard lover like I am your going to love the parts list. Here is the story of this frame and fork set and the parts as I know it. This frame & fork was purchased from Dig It in Japan in 1994. These Toyo frames were never imported to the U.S. as far as I know. The original owner of this Toyo lived in southern California in the 90`s, was friends with the Flatland Fugitives and also in the Navy. While stationed with the Navy in Japan the owner bought this frame & fork set and brought it back to the U.S. with him. Being friends with the Flatland Fugitives he also had a great way to source some of the very first Graveyard parts. This frame and fork have some very unique features such as built in seat clamp, bent legged chainstays made from tapering teardrop shaped tubing for foot clearance, bent down tube for foot clearance, 1/4" thick dropouts front and rear for strength, vertical axle slots on the fork so front end ride height is adjustable, notched fork steerer tube for smoother cable routing & really nice geometry. The Graveyard parts were sourced from riders of the Flatland Fugitives. The rider who this frame & fork were named after Kunitomo Onishi was a competitive Pro level rider in the 90`s and also the founder of Magic Fruits. This bike has every Graveyard part available at the time except one that I`m still looking for. The only part I`m missing now to really top this build off is a Graveyard seat post which I`m searching for. This bike is 100% ready to go and is a blast to ride.
Frame : 1994 TOYO E-Flat Kunitomo Onishi Pro Model
Fork : TOYO E-Flat Kunitomo Onishi Pro Model
Bars : Graveyard O.G. with original paint and decal
Bar ends : Graveyard
Pegs : Graveyard 1st gen front & rear
Sprocket : Graveyard 30t 1st gen unstamped
Brake mounts : Graveyard Low Boy 990 mounts
Wheels : Graveyard built Super Pros built with :
               Graveyard 13ga spokes
               Graveyard 12t stainless steel cog & driver
               Graveyard large axle nuts stainless steel
               Graveyard decals
               Standard  1st gen Si engraved freecoaster hub shell
               Standard Unbrake
               Standard axles front & rear
               Super Pro rims
               Super Pro front hub
Tires : NOS ACS RL Edge
Cranks : GT Profile 170mm
Pedals : MKS Grafight
Chain : KMC
Front Brake : Dia Compe Nippon
Rear Brake : Dia Compe AD 990
Grips : Bizhouse Gym Grips
Seat : GT Freestyle bobbed
Seat post : Japanese solid aluminum
Gyro & cables : 1st Gen Odyssey

Submitted by suicidepan

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Toyo
  • Model: E-Flat
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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