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Total BMX (2014–2014)

We aim to make the best products we can and products that we believe in.

You the riders always come first, and customer satisfaction is high on our

agenda which is why we go out of our way to make great quality products that last.

As riders we have a few simple targets with the company which are as follows -1) Make high quality durable products with great geometry

2) Do the right thing ALWAYS!

3) Support our team as best as we can

4) Support the BMX sceneWe give stickers away free of charge (while in stock), we do this as we are stoked that you want to carry our brand on your bike/ helmet and appreciate that support.

To get FREE stickers please simply mail us a Self Addressed Envelope to this address-TotalBMX,

PO BOX 649,



PO14 9JY.

Thanks for checking out our website and we hope to see you rocking a Total BMX setup soon!

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