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1983 Torker L.P.

1983 Torker L.P.

My childhood in the 80's defined in one picture.

I'm not sure what my attraction was with the twin tube Torkers but when I saw one I HAD to have one.  My Mom took me to the LBS and I put one in layaway with money from my paper route.  I continued to pay on it until it just seemed like I was never going to afford it and when I had quit my paper route I just wrote if off and figured I'd never see it again.  On my 13th birthday I was mindblown when my parents gave it to me for my birthday.  I practically rode the wheels off of it in '83 and '84 and by 1985 it needed a refresh.  I ordered most of the current parts on it out of the back of a BMX magazine.  I continued to ride it throughout high school and after graduating had pretty much lost interest in bicycles.  I managed to hang onto it since then where it has just hung in various garages and collected dust ever since.  Recently, I decided to give it a good cleaning and replaced the dry rotted tires and sticky grips but everything else is as it was when I lost interest in it back in the late 80's.  

Submitted by duxsrus

  • All-Around
  • Company: Torker
  • Model: L.P.
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Handle bars- unknown aluminum V-bars, Stem - Nitto, Headset- GT Epoch w/ SST Dirt Skirt, Grips - AME new replacements, Seat - Shot Gun II, Seat post - GT lay back, Seat post clamp- Dia-Compe MX hinged, Wheels- True Line one piece disks w/ Shimano freewheel, Tires- Comp 3 repop Kembas, removed GT's w/ winged logos, Brakes- Dia-Compe MX, Brake pads- Skyway non marking w/ cooling fins, Cranks - Takagi one piece, Chain wheel- Sugino, Pedals- Hutch, Chain- Izumi, Frame pads- California Lite Torker branded set,

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