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1980 Toowoomba Bicycle Company Cobra Team

1980 Toowoomba Bicycle Company Cobra Team

Australian bmx from Toowoomba

Restored from a wreck it's now complete.The parts were mostly the ones found on it then rechromed & reanodised. Missing was the back wheel and brakes. Done some chasing on the internet, the pedals on it were the rat trap type, took some effort getting them off too. I replaced them with some victor pedals from out of Thailand. The seat was sitting in a shop in New York inside one of those plastic bags that go all brown on the outside but kept the goods in tact! A third generation bike shop in Brisbane (Australia)rebuilt my Araya wheels after they were anodised perfectly!Ridgeway cycles. The decals are another story too, in my search for them I was refered to a sign writer who is an old school Bmx nut ! He is deep into collecting and has around 17 fully restored bikes and they are AWESOME ...some good ones too. He reproduced the frame stickers for me but because the gauge of the frame I had trim them slightly. The metal Cobra badge find was the best part in my opinion he had it sitting there on his window sill and after begging him sold it to me. Apparently it was stuck on the front of an old ten speed bike did the company make one of those too???? Anyway,some tioga comp III's were put on it, I always ran a 2.215 on the front and a smaller one on the they still do this? Anyway hope you all like it, I use to go under the user name macca but because I have a user name maccalacca on other sites and changed providers Iam known as this name now has a lot to do with paint...You can see the frame I submitted last year,by the way I will be selling shortly if anyone has the right dollars! I found out it is about an 80 model. I took it for a short ride around the block with a crappy Queen song stuck in my head, rides like new...tight.

Submitted by maccalacca

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