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2011 Tony Hawk Prop 24

2011 Tony Hawk Prop 24

Another Green Fiend metamorphosis for the Vintage BMX Cruiser Build-Off. Enjoy!

Needed a bike real quick to enter the Vintage Cruiser Build. Found this at my LBS. Was in bad shape! It was all black and the rear wheel looked like it had been run over. I picked up a mountain bike and used the hoop off of it. I wanted an anodized look but two different colors on the same piece of metal. I don't think it's possible so I had to do the closest thing to get the look I wanted. Stripped the bike down and sprayed every single part an anodized green and gold. Chain, spokes, everything. Wanted the two tone theme to continuously run through the bike so a lot of masking! I bought some fabric and reupholstered the seat. Laced the wheels myself. 1st time I've done that in almost 25 years. No truing machine. A lil wobble. Not bad though. Good lookin' out from Porkchop for getting my parts to me quickly. Was a fun build. Thanks for looking!

Submitted by GreenFiend

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Tony Hawk
  • Model: Prop 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Sold -Mostly stock

    -GT Seat

    -GT sprocket (We never called them chain wheels as kids) -Porkchop Hand Grenade 2 grips -Porkchop Duro Comp 3 tread skinwall tires -Porkchop dice valve caps -Porkchop gold brake cable -Porkchop dice cable end tips -Porkchop star chain tensioners