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Tonicfab (2007–2007)

What We Do
Building bicycles is our art, and Tonic Fabrication (finally) makes our work public. We realized that Tonic would give us the structure to refine our own work, as well as the ability to connect with individuals interested in what we do.
Want a full custom bike, built to your personal whims? Plenty of other builders fill this niche.
At Tonic, we seek challenges. As riders and fabricators, we’ve learned that improvement is the inevitable result of challenge. Our years of experience with difficult-to-build bikes in a production environment is what sets us apart from other small builders. Tonic is bent on developing bikes that push the status quo. We push because we want better tools for riding. We push because we want our bikes identifiable without logos. We push because just building another “nice” bike simply isn’t enough for us. We push we because we want to, and after years of practice and convention, we can.

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