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1995 TNT Hwa Fong Daddy

1995 TNT Hwa Fong Daddy

HFD built up as an all out race bike.

Here is my 95 TNT Hwa Fong Daddy. I bought it as a F&F and restored / built it up as a race bike. You see a lot of them as dirt jumpers so I thought it would be nice to do one as a racer. It is a very early Cantilever model and you can see this by the unique bridge on the seat stays. The parts list is as follows.

Full Spec:

Frame: 95 TNT Hwa Fong Daddy 1"

Forks: 95 TNT Hwa Fong Daddy 1"

Stem: TNT race XL

Headset: Tioga Beartrap

Bars: TNT Pro 0.65

Grips: Jive Tentacles

Lever: DC MX99

Brakes: Shimano Deore with Odyssey Straddle Rod

Seat: GT Drop Nose

Seat Post: Poverty micro adjust

Seat clamp: TNT

Cranks: Profile 175mm

Pedals: Odyssey Tripple Trap

Sprocket: TNT 44 tooth

Chain: KMC

Tyres: Tioga Competition 3

Rims: Sun Rims

Hubs: TNT Derringer

Padset: TNT Hwa Fong Daddy

Plate: UGP Bunny Girl

Submitted by midschooljon

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